Data quality and integrations

Spot new opportunities within your lease and asset data

Telecommunications companies’ leasing priorities are more unique compared to other markets due to a number of factors. Dealing with a large amount of Merger & Acquisition activity leads to business-wide changes to lease portfolios, and adapting to current telecommunications strategies can cause a constant churn of complex property, land, and tower leases. Furthermore, ever-changing regulations impact the value and usage of privately leased resources (i.e., land, towers, properties).

Using AI lease abstraction can save you vast amounts of time managing this process and can help you make better decisions based on accurate asset data analysis.


Centralize contract data

Digitize and import complex tower and asset leases to a centralized platform, giving you easy access to all necessary leasing information.

Make decisions based on data

Deliver better results on your lease and asset data analysis to maximize performance and ensure your business remains compliant with land, tower, and property usage regulations.

Audit and reduce costs

Easily detect billing anomalies, identifying key opportunities for cost savings and more impactful spending to overcome industry challenges.

Use AI to mitigate revenue leakage and drive up margins

Relying on manual processes to verify billing information against contracts is laborious, costly, and prone to errors. Using AI to automate this process makes it much quicker and easier to identify sources of revenue leakage. This can help your organization to drive up margins and increase revenue independently of market demand.

Structure data

Automate and structure your data so that you can quickly identify sources of revenue leakage.

Scale up

Take a scalable approach to contract verification to save time and resources.

Maximize revenue

Secure the maximum achievable value from your revenue streams.

Revenue Assurance Video

AI powered revenue assurance

Watch a short video to see how AI powered contract assurance can help and prevent sources of revenue leakage.

How it works

Data extraction

Optical character recognition

Once you upload your documents into Contract Intelligence, our proprietary optical character recognition (OCR) engine will convert your documents into machine-readable text for easy consumption and analysis.

Revenue Assurance

AI-powered abstraction

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) extracts key data from your documents and links each extracted data point to the source information, which is then validated via a two-step quality check and control process.

revenue assurance

Document classification wizard

Your important documents regarding properties, towers, and land will be classified by type, making for easier breakdown and analysis.

lease abstraction

Integration capabilities

Access and analyze structured data in an index, table, map, or calendar view. Create dashboards and reports for your team to drive additional insights from your data.

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