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Identify and act on revenue leakage fast

When billing processes do not adequately reflect the pricing structures of contracts or services provided, it can have a deep and immediate effect on margins and revenues. With thousands or potentially millions of contracts to check, the vast quantities of data involved, data quality issues and manual processes mean that human-led data reconciliation operations make it incredibly difficult to verify and investigate revenue leakage.

Of even greater concern is the fact that a significant proportion of the leakage cannot be identified or acted on in a timely manner. The need to automate this process with the latest and most innovative AI technology has become of key importance.

Revenue Assurance - Case Study

Case Study

Vodafone strengthens client experience with MRI Contract Intelligence

Reduce data errors

Capture data in a consistent and comparable format that can scale up to any number of contracts.

Save time

Reconcile data fast and eliminate human error to take the difficulty out of identifying revenue losses.

Mitigate leakage

With an automated approach to revenue assurance, you will gain greater revenue visibility and prevent unnecessary leakage.

Revenue Assurance Video

AI powered revenue assurance

Watch a short video to see how AI powered contract assurance can help and prevent sources of revenue leakage.

Revolutionize your revenue assurance processes

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Contract analysis

AI revenue assurance supports you by analyzing your contracts and structuring your data to identify opportunities and obligations.

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Future-proof technology

Leverage AI machine learning technology to assure margin in an automated scalable approach and subsequently save time and resources.

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Maximum revenue

Identify sources of revenue leakage to secure your company’s maximum achievable commercial value.

How AI-powered revenue assurance works

Data extraction

Optical character recognition

Once you upload your documents into Contract Intelligence, the proprietary optical character recognition (OCR) engine will convert your documents into machine-readable text for easy consumption and analysis.

Revenue Assurance

Data extraction

AI-powered Contract Intelligence can identify hundreds of unique data points in any document, ranging from covenants to amounts to critical dates and terms and conditions. Easily extracting data out of the most complicated due diligence documents such as real estate leases, loan and credit agreements, purchase agreements, appraisals, rent rolls, and other documents can greatly speed up the transaction process.

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Data reconciliation

Data reconciliation helps structure contract and billing data to identify exceptions in your contracts.

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Powerful integrations

Integrates with leading data room and document storage providers such as Intralinks, Merill, BMC,, and Dropbox so that information can be easily stored, accessed, and shared.


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