How does AI contract analysis work?

Contracts are not only foundational for a range of business processes and tasks, but they can also offer key insights into new opportunities and unseen risks. However, gaining a deeper understanding of the business implications of a contract using ma

What is lease abstraction?

Commercial real estate contracts are lengthy documents; it’s not uncommon for them to reach 100 pages or more, often with multiple addendums and break clauses. Their sheer complexity means that it’s often not practical for commercial lease manage

A guide to lease audits 

For companies handling a large number of leases that are either very complex or have high churn, lease audits are a necessary but resource-intensive process.   Whether a company acts as a landlord, a tenant, or both, it can be challenging to stay on

The definitive guide to revenue assurance

If your firm is invoicing against a large number of complex contracts, solid revenue assurance processes can help you stay on top of your contractual agreements with clients. Revenue assurance is relevant to organisations that are handling a complex