Artificial Intelligence for law firms

Speed up your due diligence processes

Due diligence transactions typically have a 30- to 90-day transaction timeline to close. The longer you wait to close, the more uncertainty and risk your organization takes on either as a buyer, seller, or financier. If critical information is missing, it can be devastating to the process. With many resources working long hours, the risk of human error is high and inconsistent review practices can result in challenges down the road.

Gain back time and resources by speeding up due diligence using AI.

Avoid manual errors and eliminate risk from your processes.

Take the challenge out of accessing and distributing accurate data.

Utilize multi-language capabilities for firms with international clients.

Use AI to help meet the complex needs of the legal sector

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Fast due diligence

Utilise MRI’s AI-based data extraction for faster review of legal contracts. Clients have saved up to 75% of review time.

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Complete documentation

The technology automatically identifies and flags missing documentation, increasing transparency and generating critical information such as rent roll comparison reports easily.

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Verified data

Once the data in the contracts is structured by the AI process, it can be accurately exported and customized with one click, all while retaining links back to the original contract source.

Legal AI

Law firms trust Contract Intelligence

Due diligence transactions involving M&A, equity, debt, and other types of financing, acquisitions, and disposals can have grueling documentation needs. Typically, data rooms are filled with hundreds or thousands of documents, many of which have hidden information trapped deep inside.

Applying MRI’s AI-powered data extraction and contract analytics platform for corporate and legal documents helps businesses around the world to work smarter and faster with their documents and data.

By automatically extracting key data from documents in more than 25 languages and easily integrating with leading ERP, DMS, and BI systems for holistic data management or contract analytics, you can achieve new levels of speed and accuracy while also saving costs.

Key Facts about AI for law firms

How it works

lease abstraction software

AI contract abstraction

Contract Intelligence can identify hundreds of unique data points in any document, ranging from covenants to amounts to critical dates and terms and conditions. Easily extracting data out of the most complicated due diligence documents such as real estate leases, loan and credit agreements, purchase agreements, appraisals, rent rolls, and other documents can greatly speed up the transaction process.

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Easy integration

Integrates with leading data room and document storage providers such as Intralinks, Merill, BMC,, and Dropbox so that information can be easily stored, accessed and shared.

lease abstraction software

Audit trails

Transparency in the process is critical to maintaining integrity, and with links back to original documents, you can ensure that the interpretation is accurate and consistent with the original intent.

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