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Get value from your data

Extracting data from hundreds, thousands, or even millions of documents can be time consuming and prone to error when using manual processes. The Contract Intelligence AI platform extracts key data from your paper-based documents and links each extracted point to the source information. It then validates all extracted data via a two-step quality check and control process.

Remove manual errors and identify data anomalies.

Gain valuable insights from your documents.

Save hours of time ploughing through paper.

Provide an audit trail back to the original document.

Use AI to transform documents into data

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Use OCR machine learning technology to quickly extract accurate data from any number or type of document.

lease abstraction software


Access and analyze structured data in a variety of dashboards and custom reports from pivot tables to calendars of critical dates.

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Export data into Excel/CSV or integrate directly to third party DMS, ERP, or BI systems via our API to consume data within your target system.


Key Facts about AI data extraction

How AI data extraction works

lease abstraction software

AI data extraction

Contract Intelligence can identify hundreds of unique data points in any document, ranging from covenants to amounts to critical dates and terms and conditions. Easily extracting data out of the most complicated due diligence documents such as real estate leases, loan and credit agreements, purchase agreements, appraisals, rent rolls, and other documents can greatly speed up the transaction process.

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Easy integration

Integrates with leading data room and document storage providers such as Intralinks, Merill, BMC,, and Dropbox so that information can be easily stored, accessed, and shared.

lease abstraction software

Audit trails

Transparency in the process is critical to maintaining integrity, and with links back to original documents, you can ensure that the interpretation is accurate and consistent with the original intent.

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