AI-Powered Revenue Assurance

Find out how AI-powered contract assurance can help you to identify sources of revenue leakage and prevent it from happening in the future. MRI Contract Intelligence enables revenue assurance teams to save vast sums by automating reconciliation proce

Priam Properties

Priam Properties was a mid-sized real estate private equity firm that’s looking to grow in size and go public, yet maintain flexibility through a lean staff and operation. Understanding the crucial role of technology in achieving their goals, P

Equites Property Fund

Business Challenge With a portfolio of over 60 properties, managing leases among a relatively small team became time consuming and inefficient. Their system involved numerous spreadsheets and physical folders full of paperwork, meaning administration

Contract Intelligence Buyer’s Guide

Today’s commercial property owners and operators face the challenges of balancing occupancy, revenue, and risk to maximize portfolio performance. To accomplish these goals, firms must successfully manage the document that sits at the core of the te

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