Case Studies

Priam Properties


Priam Properties was a mid-sized real estate private equity firm that’s looking to grow in size and go public, yet maintain flexibility through a lean staff and operation. Understanding the crucial role of technology in achieving their goals, Priam implemented Contract Intelligence in 2016 in order to reduce the overhead and time spent on reviewing leases during due diligence and ongoing property management/lease administration.

Solutions that work

Upon implementation, MRI Contract Intelligence has helped Priam properties with lease abstraction of 800 data points covering critical dates, dollars renewals, terminations, ROFO/ROFs, audits, subleases, CAM, TI, co-tenancy, radius restrictions, and many more advanced topics.

Plus with API integration into MRI lease admin solution and portfolio and contract analytics, Priam Properties can view trends by geography and location, further improving their efficiency when reviewing leases.

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