US real estate firm uses AI automation to speed up due diligence

For real estate firms owning and managing large portfolios, the automation of lease management presents a way to drastically accelerate how the company accesses, interacts with, and manages key lease data across its entire portfolio. Automated abstraction technology provides a clear path to smart, data-driven decision-making that saves both time and costs while increasing the efficiency of workflows across an entire organisation.

Let’s look at how a notable real estate investment management firm overhauled and streamlined its entire lease management process by utilising MRI Contact Intelligence’s AI technology and further unlocked insights from data previously hidden in its leases.


A leading US-based real estate investment management firm was seeking a technology that would centralise and automate its lease management operations while speeding up future diligence processes of over 400 office and retail leases.

Leverton provided an all-in-one solution by creating for the client a new workflow process: a centralised document management system to collect and store all lease documents, abstraction services, and reporting functionality. Leverton’s technology was able to provide a solution that standardised the firm’s operations, increased their abstraction turnaround time while creating a more robust and accurate set of lease data to be further utilised in their target system, MRI Software.


  • Cost-effective, quick, and reliable data abstraction solution
  • Adaptability to fit specific data needs and reporting requirements of the client


  • Portfolio of 400+ leases digitized and abstracted in Leverton, saving nearly 1,600 hours of manual abstraction and review time
  • Full auditability of key critical dates, dollars, and clauses
  • Leverton technology serving as the company’s core lease management platform to manage everyday workflow and business operations

If you would like to learn more about how we help real estate firms to streamline their business operations and unlock key data with artificial intelligence, please contact us.

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