Leverton’s AI-powered platform to facilitate global real estate lease abstraction

Proprietary data extraction and analytics technology enables fast processing of data from real estate leases in over 15 languages.

BERLIN (June 27, 2019) Leverton, the premier AI-powered technology for data extraction and contract analytics, is proud to have assisted faster Real Estate lease abstraction for the BMW Group.

Leverton’s platform, powered by proprietary optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning technologies, is a powerful, all-in-one solution to extract and centralized key, structured data out of real estate lease contracts. Leverton’s AI-powered data extraction technology offers the capability to examine lease documentation automatically, effectively identify, abstract, and structure crucial information from leases, producing results in a more timely and accurate manner than the manual lease abstraction alternative.

Leverton deployed its market-leading Artificial Intelligence platform to replace the tedious manual process with technology for fast, accurate, and transparent data extraction for a portfolio of office, showroom, and car park leases in more than 15 languages, including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. In addition, Leverton enabled quick access to accurate lease data and the ability to keep data linked to its original source of information for verification.

Lease abstraction

“We are excited to be working with a historic, but modern auto company such as BMW, that amongst its competitors has recognized the need for new technologies to be implemented into their daily operations and thus embraced innovation and transformation,” said Una Zsuravleva, Sales Executive at Leverton. “As a result, they benefit from the time and cost savings Leverton provides, and the long-term benefits of structured data from Leverton’s automated lease abstraction platform.”

About Leverton

Leverton’s AI-powered data extraction and contract analytics platform helps businesses around the world uncover actionable insights in their contracts and documents. Trusted by 200 of the Fortune 1000, the company’s secure platform includes pre-trained, proprietary OCR and machine learning algorithms that accelerate data discovery and extraction, speeding time to ROI. With support for 25 languages and offices in Berlin, London, New York, and New Delhi, Leverton is equipped to meet the needs of the largest global real estate, accounting, consulting and financial organizations.


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